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Ylissean Kidblogging.


Lucina - Updates twice a week about her life, family and friends. Her queue is filled with weird fashion and weaponry.

Owain - All about fandoms, weapons and writing help, binge-reblogging them sometimes. His semi-embarassing fanfics also make it in there occasionally.

Brady - Blogs mostly about music and posts his own recordings and performances there as well. Also reblogs cute kittens and flowers, while pretending he’s reblogging them for other people to see.

Inigo - Mostly about the ladies, but late at night he blogs about dancing, because he thinks no one’s gonna see. Promptly tries to bury his dance posts with more ladies. (Edit: Selfies with fashion tips, as pointed out by Atan)

Nah - Has a hipster blog. Is vaguely condescending about every trend that is popular at the moment, before trying them out and occasionally enjoying them in secret.

Noire - Her blog is interspaced with cute, calming stuff and ALL CAPS RANTS ABOUT WHATEVER.

Gerome - Vagueblogs a lot. Sometimes his posts are reblogged, mostly the existencialist crap that no one truly gets. (Edit: Petblogging with nonchalant captions, as pointed out by Atan)

Cynthia - A lot like Owain’s blog, but her fandoms tend to be less fake!edgy than his. Also reblogs whatever reminds her of one of her friends.

Severa - More often than not it’s rants about her family. Always reblogs ask memes and proceeds to dodge most of the questions she gets out of being fake-scandalized by them.

Yarne - Makes themes, gifs and graphs that he thinks no one will like, but are surprising hits.

Laurent - Blogs FOR SCIENCE! And about cool facts, also mythbusting other cool facts. His is the most popular but least personal out of the bunch.

Kjelle - All about exercising and healthcare, with some armory on the side, while making comprehensive and generally well-written text posts about feminism that she is very proud of. 

Morgan - They don’t really have a tumblr, but blog a lot on other social media sites.

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