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    Galdr of Rebirth (all herons)

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    Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance



Just wanted to share this, a song from Fire Emblem Path of Radiance. It is what I listen to when I’m freaked out, upset, etc. And if I don’t have my phone or computer with me, then I just start humming or singing it. It’s my relief. Seriously. It works magic on me, and I think everyone needs to find something that does the same for them. I just hope it works in later years <3

Endless grief and sorrow
Hearts slumbering again
Stars frozen in their place
Darkness envelopes the land

But in the spilling of blood
a hope still glimmers dim
in a reflection in the water
in a whisper in the wind

Gather your courage
It will break the bonds of night
take wing, and dance upon the sky
take wing, and dance upon the sky

(Source: pokemontrainerofjohto)

A ‘funny’ sidenote: The debate I’m referring to pertains to our ridiculous bar exam for law workers to be able to legally sign any forms, and how it should be either abolished or re-structurated.

The great majority ruled against any changes being made, and that was indeed the final decision. The catch, though? Due to age-based restrictions for being decorated with their jobs and when the exam was approved, NONE of them had to take it!

One of the few people who argued in favor of re-structurating the exam actually FAILED it when he applied, just to gauge it. An appointed minister with 30+ years of practical experience.

And yet people freshly out of college are expected to pass it.

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