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I can’t decide between Vaike/Maribelle and Gaius/Maribelle. On one hand, Vaike/Maribelle explains Brady, and I love their dynamic. But on the other hand, Gaius and Maribelle (sorta) have history with each other. I know their supports end (too) abruptly, but their romance would be bittersweet and full of angst, and I find that really interesting.”

Ten Videogames That Will Always Stay With Me:

Tagged by… well no one really, but I saw Atan do it, and they invited whoever wanted to replicate it so…

Most of them are series mentions, since I’m more likely to follow a long-running series than standalone games.

  • Fire Emblem series - It’s my main fandom at the moment and it looks like it’s staying. I just also couldn’t miss the mention of the one fandom that will literally always have a mark on my person (:P)
  • Castlevania series - Oh how Castlevania knows how to bring out the nerd in me, with its nonsensical timeline and constant character redesigns… the two thousand year struggle of the Belmont family against Dracula always keeps me interested.
  • Legend of Mana - My favorite game of all time couldn’t also escape this list, for obvious reasons. It’s such a hidden gem, as a lot of people’s favorites tend to be, I find. If you’re looking for immersive but not overtly complicated fantasy, that’s the game for you.
  • The Legend of Zelda series - Most people claim the series has gone stale in the past few years, I, however, disagree. I personally believe The Legend of Zelda has, instead, perfected its craft in the puzzle-solving and world-exploring businesses.
  • Pokémon series - It holds a special place in many a gamer’s hearts, and I can claim beyond the shadow of a doubt that Pokémon has entertained me through difficult times and even helped solidify the person I am, in many regards.
  • Metroid Prime trilogy - Even moreso than the main conflict of Samus Aran’s story, the prime trilogy was what really sucked me into the galaxy-spanning world the series has to offer. With intricate gameplay and a great lead character, I hope to see the same effort in future games as was put into this trilogy.
  • Resident Evil series - RE is one of the cheesy classics. Whether you prefer the atmospheric earlier titles with more emphasis on the survival aspect of the genre it helped coin, or the action-packed rhythm of the newer entries, zombie fighting has never been quite so fun.
  • Monster Hunter series - No series comes close to achieving the sense of reward that Monster Hunter brings after each battle. A very difficult game to get into, with much more challenging beasts than your normal adventure game, Monster Hunter is a truly unforgettable experience.
  • Super Smash Brothers series - One of the first and of the few fighting games I could ever get seriously into. The element of fun brought by the union of characters from many of Nintendo’s adventure filled worlds simply does not let up, even years after each games’ release.
  • Kid Icarus: Uprising - The most recent entry in my list, due to the long absence the series had, and to the complete revamp it got when this game came out, and since then, I have replayed it many times over and I know I will continue to do so. For its peculiar but fun gameplay and for its eccentric and colorful characters, but mostly for the awesome sense of humour.

I tag anyone who wants to do it~

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